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Congrats! Your Order Has Been Processed Successfully!

Please see the following step by step guideline to signup and submit your API details so we can connect you to our trading algorithm.

If you have any questions on how to connect your API keys, please start a chat  (below) or  email us at and our support team will help you.

Step 1. You will get an verification email. Please check your "inbox" or "Spam Folder"

and find our email and mark it as "Not Spam" so that you don't miss out any important

email about your account. Then click the Verify Email" button or link given in the email.

Step 2. Click Here to "Signup Now" and you will be re-directed to the signup page.


Step 3. Enter your Name, Email and Password in the given fields and click "Create Account".


Step 4. After signup you will be re-directed to login page. Please Bookmark our

"Login Page". Now enter your login credentials to access your "Dashboard. 


Step 5. After login you can see the "Dashboard". Click " Goto APi Page".


Step 6. Now select your desired exchange, Add API Key, Add API Secret and Passphrase too (if available) then click "Save". That's It, You are now connected to our platform


Note:- It's mandatory to have USDT funds in your exchange account in order to connect to our platform and for trades to flow successfully. Checkout following links for detailed guide if you don't know how to create API keys and which platform to choose.

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