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100% Automated Crypto Trading Powered by AI

Trading Machine AI allows you to compete against hedge funds without having to make any trades yourself.


Simply connect your API to our platform, and our AI-powered algorithm will push buy/sell (long/short) trades through to your exchange.


Now you can sit back, relax, and watch your profits roll in without worrying about if prices are going up or down. Start your 7-day trial for $1 today. Yes, only $1. No B.S.

Trading Machine AI crypto trading bots best crypto trading bot automated crypto trading


Accepted Futures Exchanges

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See Our Algorithm's Backtest Results

Our algorithm produces profits with as little risk as possible while taking advantage of both long and short opportunities. Each trade has a take profit and stop-loss target to mitigate risk. 


Here are just a few of our TradingView backtest results on several top 10 pairs (by market cap) over the past 60 days alone.

Don't Take Our Word For It. See Real Testimonials from Real Customers

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Susan H.

Trading Machine AI crypto trading bots best crypto trading bot automated crypto trading

I used to trade manually, then I tried to automate my trades with 3Commas, CoinRule, and Bitsgap, but I mostly just broke even or lost a little each month. Then I tried TradingMachine and was very impressed with the results. All I had to do was a simple API connection, and that's it. Currently, I am making almost 1%/day which is insane. The win rate seems to be almost 80%, and the profit from longs vs shorts is about equal. On volatile or flat days, I can relax knowing that the algo is going to make the right decisions with as little risk as possible. 

He Rated as top trading machine.jpg

James D.

Trading Machine AI crypto trading bots best crypto trading bot automated crypto trading

The problem with trading manually is human emotions get in the way, so you usually lose money. The problem with other bot platforms or grid bots is that you have to re-set them, or huge price movements crush performance, so you barely beat the market. DCA sucks and has huge drawdowns. Buy-and-hold or HODL is just retarded. Most algorithmic strategies only work in bull markets but bleed in bear markets. Fortunately, Trading Machine works in all 3 market types (bull, bear, and flat). I'd highly recommend giving it a try. You literally have nothing to lose with their free trial. 

she Rated as top trading machine.jpg

Jennifer C.

Trading Machine AI crypto trading bots best crypto trading bot automated crypto trading

I thought I could crack the code to trading. I doubled my money and thought I was a trading god, but then lost most of my gains in 2022...then I realized I was just a mere mortal haha. I knew that the only true way to win was to use something 100% automated and trade both sides of the market. Most people only know how to trade long, but you can make just as much or more from shorting. Mastering both is the key. I'm glad I found Trading Machine, their 100% automated algorithm trades both sides, and I enjoy checking my account every day and seeing my equity curve go up and to the right. 

he Rated as top trading machine.jpg

Chris M.

Trading Machine AI crypto trading bots best crypto trading bot automated crypto trading

I used to constantly check crypto prices on my phone even when I went to the bathroom. I felt stressed every time there was huge volatility. At the end of the dayI was losing money and needed to find a solution. My wife said, you shouldn't have to check crypto prices your phone so much, otherwise your strategy sucks and you need a better one. I searched online and found Trading Machine. Now my wife things I'm a genius when I show her how much money I make every day, I haven't told her it's the algorithm. It's my little secret. Now she thinks I'm a genius. I tell her I am :) 


After your free trial, you should be able to pay your first month's feewith your first

month’s gains.

Trading Machine AI crypto trading bots best crypto trading bot automated crypto trading

We protect you from harmful trading styles and large drawdowns.

Our Algorithm works 24/7 in all market types, so you can realx and stop checking prices.

Get immediate access to our algorithm's trades once you start your free trial and submit your API keys.

  • What is your Refund / Cancellation policy?
    Please read our refund policy carefully before subscribing to our monthly or yearly plans. By subscribing to our services, you agree to the following terms: Minimum Usage Requirement: Subscribers must use our platform for a minimum of one month (excluding the trial period) before a refund can be requested. Early requests will not be entertained. API Connection: If a subscriber fails to connect their API with our platform, we will not issue a refund. It is the subscriber's responsibility to ensure compatibility and proper connection. Profitability: No refunds will be issued to subscribers who make a profit within the first 30 days of their monthly or yearly subscription. Profitability negates the eligibility for a refund. Customers utilizing leverage greater than 1x are ineligible for refunds. Notification of Cancellation: Subscribers wishing to cancel their subscription must notify us in advance. Refunds will not be issued to those who cancel their subscription without prior notification. Refund for Annual Subscription: In the case of an annual subscription, after the grace period of 14 days, the cost of each used month will be calculated at the price of the monthly subscription of your current plan. If you choose an annual payment option and decide to terminate the subscription, the following refund policy applies: If the termination occurs within the first 180 days from the day of payment for the subscription, you will be eligible for a refund for the remaining months of the subscription. The refund amount will be calculated based on the number of unused months, using the price of the monthly subscription for your current plan. For example, if you have been using the subscription for three (3) months and two (2) days, you will receive a refund for eight (8) months of the subscription (12 months - 4 months). Once 180 days have passed from the day of payment for the subscription, a refund will not be issued. By subscribing to our service, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in our refund policy.
  • What do I have to do to get started?
    All you have to do is click the start your trial button and sign up, and afterword's we will ask you to submit your API keys from your exchange. Then we will connect them, and that’s it. Then your account will copy the trades from our algorithm and you can watch the profitable trades from your dashboard both in our platform and through the P&L in your exchange (the numbers will be the same).
  • What will happen after I sign up for the trial?
    After you sign up for your trial, you will be redirected to a page where you will find a complete guide about these next steps that you will need to do so trades flow through to your account. 1. Create your username and password on our trading platform. 2. Have USDT in your futures / derivatives account on any of the following exchanges (,, or 3. Create your API keys on your exchange. You can use our tutorials if you need help. 4. Connect your exchange API with our platform.
  • Is it possible to upgrade my monthly plan to yearly after payment ?
    Yes you can upgrade to yearly plan by simply emailing us at
  • Can I have multiple accounts with one subscription ?
    With one subscription, you are allowed only one account. Any user found creating multiple accounts could get banned as it violates the terms of service. This policy is in place to ensure fair use and to prevent any potential abuse of the subscription privileges.
  • Can I buy a subscription during the trial?
    Yes, it is possible to purchase a subscription plan during the Trial period! Simply email us and we will send you a personalized link to process your subscription.
  • What crypto exchanges do you integrate with?
    Our platform is currently integrated with the top 4 crypto exchanges: Binance BingX ByBit OKX If you currently trade on another exchange, we highly recommend signing up for one of the three above so you can use our algorithm. Once you sign up for our subscription, then you will be directed to create an account on our app and enter your API keys from your exchange. That's it :)
  • I am a US citizen. Which exchange can I connect to your platform?
    We integrate with 4 exchanges ( Binance, BingX, ByBit,OKX) and are working on more, but BingX is the best for US citizens, it requires no KYC and works like a charm.
  • How does your algorithm work?
    We have an automated algorithm that we built that runs on multiple indicators and multiple timeframes ranging from 3m to 4h so you are always getting great opportunities. The short timeframes are for scalping (between .50%-1% take profit targets) and the long timeframes are for larger take profit targets ranging from 2%-10% but will be on average closer to 3%.
  • What is the recommended leverage I should use?
    We recommend not using more than 3x leverage. Our strategies are conservative, but we just like to avoid all risk of liquidation, so 2x is recommended and 3x is the max you should use. It's always best to start off with 1x leverage, then raise it as you see more gains coming in.
  • Can I lose money?
    Not over the long run. Out of 10 trades, 8 will be winners. Imagine making 8%, then losing 2%, you’re still up 6% (and minus 1% for trading fees and slippage), so you’re still up 5% over a 5 day period of time. Thus, if you have two losing trades, don’t get worried, there’s about to be a long string of winning trades.
  • Are my funds safe?
    Yes, we can’t transfer money, we just push trades through to your exchange, and report back, that’s it.
  • How does this compare to 3commas and Bitsgap?
    Those platforms do grid bots or you have to become a trading genius to actually make money with them. You have to do all the work and setup hundreds of experiments to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Here, we do all the work, and it’s essentially like copy trading. You get to copy our genius trades and watch your account balance go up every day.
  • What is your guarantee?
    If you don’t make more than $49 in profit (with minimum $1k funds) in the first 30 days, we will refund you. If you sign up for 12 months plan you will get a full refund if we don't outperform the price of buy/hold BTC over 12 months. You need to be trading with at least 1k, ideally more, in order for this to be worth everyone’s time. You can also start with your 7 days trial without having to lose anything at all. It’s literally no risk. Once you see how well it works, you will want to increase your funds :)
  • What Are The Typical Position Sizes Per Trade?
    The typical position size per trade ranges between 5%-20% of your available balance. Most trades average 10%. Thus, if you have a $1000 balance and your first trade opens with a 10% position size, it would be for $100. Then if that trade is open, and another trade opens for 10%, that position would be for $90.Our algorithm increases the position size based on the risk/reward ratio (also known as the Profit Factor in TradingView). Thus, the lower the risk and the higher the probability of winning (and winning big) means our algorithm will take a larger position size. This is the smartest and most logical way to handle position sizing.

Join The Next Generation of Traders Making Profits With Our Automated AI Crypto Trading Algorithm

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