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How to Create Your API Key On Binance Step By Step Guide 2023

Creating an API key on Binance allows users to access advanced features and automate trading strategies. Binance, a popular cryptocurrency exchange, offers a straightforward process to generate an API key.

With this key, users can connect their own applications, trading bots, or other platforms to interact with their Binance account. Following are a few simple steps, using which you can create your Binance API key, customize permissions, and enhance trading experience on the platform.

Please note that before creating an API Key, you need to:

  • Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account.

  • Make a deposit of any amount to activate your account.

Step 1. Login to your Binance account and click the human icon on the top right corner of your Dashboard and click "API Management".

Step 2. Click on "Create API" button.

Step 3. You will see two options for APi Key Type, choose "System-generated ".

Step 4. Enter a label/name for your API Key as "Binance".

Step 5. Complete the security verification.

Step 6. For further security verification click "Send verification code". You will receive a code on your registered email which you have to type here and also add "Google 2FA Code" which you can get using "Google Authenticator App" from the PlayStore.

Step 7. After adding both codes click "Submit".

Step 8. Your "API Key" and "Secret Key" are now created. Before copying them in your TM account first select all boxes as shown in below image and click "Save".

Step 9. Now login to your TM account and on the Dashboard click "Goto API Page".

Step 10. Now select your desired exchange, Add API Key, Add API Secret and Passphrase too (if available) then click "Save". That's It, You are now connected to our platform.

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